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#51 REFLECT | The intimacy lens to community re-building

For the final episode of this year, Agrita brings to us a Reflection episode where she shares her awakening about, and gifted opportunities to relearn, Indigenous teachings on optimising community functionality through respecting and valuing all individuals and relationships which connect together to form the system of community.

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#50 Revitalising connections to community and Earth with Sanjana Sekhar

We are joined today by Sanjana Sekhar, a filmmaker, climate activist, & Ayurvedic wellness communicator who uses her work in ethical filmmaking to amplify character-driven stories that heal our human relationships to ourselves, each other, and our planet, with a specific interest in socioecological justice, ancestral knowledge, and systems of re-nourishment. In this heart-warming and insightful conversation, Agrita and Sanjana explore the medicine of storytelling in relation to the ancient practice catalysing our healing work, within community and Earth, to revive lost and damaged connections to who we really are in this interconnected world.

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