” All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney
Therapeutic nature memory in Cotswold (2020)

Hi listener, thanks for joining me on Mind Full of Everything, the podcast that questions and explores the deeper and bigger things in life.

I not only hope to get answers for the questions that leave me feeling so “mind-full” but also to create a space for reflectance over issues prevalent globally and internally, aswell as creating a space where we all can celebrate the wonders of living and open up about our deepest thoughts, without any barriers or filters.

What exactly is my mind so “full” of? The answer to that lies in my episodes but as an overview, you will be hearing about essentially everything, from intersectional environmentalism, to self-development and everything else in between!

I created this podcast for two main reasons: one is to be able to publicly voice my thoughts to get to connect with like-minded people and the second is to get to know other challenging and important areas that I may not have thought about exploring before.

To be able to connect with people and engage in meaningful discussions is what keeps me feeling “alive”, and through this podcast, I hope to build a community that loves doing exactly the same.

That’s it for now, I will leave you to explore my podcast for yourself! If you haven’t already, subscribe to Mind Full of Everything on your podcast app of choice and subscribe to the newsletter to get instant alerts of new episode releases. Mind Full of Everything is still growing so to support the show and to help boost the show’s reach, leave a review HERE (all reviews will be posted on my socials or read out on air!). Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too!

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