#55 Burnout healing through disembodying capitalism w/ Laura Hartley

The urgency that this time does demand isn’t actually asking us to work faster. It isn’t asking us to save something that is separate from us. That still feeds into this domination, it still feeds into this separation, it still feeds into this scarcity. What this time is asking of us is really a deeper way to slow down, to change how we work and who we work with, to change our relational basis of how we’re approaching the world, of how we’re approaching change. 

Laura Hartley

How can we begin to disembody the system of capitalism as individuals and communities after having been collectively entrapped in generational cycles of constant growth and burnout? In what ways can we listen, and attend, to our body’s need for safety, rest and movement as we birth a liberated world in community?

Today we are joined by Laura Hartley, an activist, writer & founder of an online school for changemakers.  The school’s mission is to empower changemakers across the globe to live their most meaningful lives, while creating their deepest impact.  Programs can be found on healing burnout culture, ethical business & the inner work of dismantling capitalism and supremacy culture.  Laura is currently based in Sydney, Australia but can often be found around the world. In this conversation, Laura guides us through the systemic issue of burnout through the lens of capitalism, how capitalism has taken over our bodies as systems and the ways in which we can disempower this oppressive system by listening to our bodies, harmonising ourselves with Nature’s cycles of growth and rest and actively challenging capitalistic conditionings.

What will be explored:

  • Laura’s personal experiences with burnout and realising capitalism’s role in perpetuating burnout cycles rather than burnout being a product of individual weakness
  • Identifying burnout signals from the body through ubiquitous examples of a body suffering burnout
  • Embodiment of scarcity as a common pathway to internalising capitalism
  • Urgency in dissociating power with domination and greed through embodying power and re-association with liberation
  • Working to conserve and regenerate our exhaustible inner resources by emulating Nature’s cycles of growth and rest
  • Being more mindful of how we practice mindfulness to avoid falling into the “extractive mindfulness” trap, particularly through honouring the pre-colonial and anti-capitalist roots of mindfulness practices
  • Addressing the unfortunate capitalism take-over for the modern environmental movement and ways to challenge the “constant work” campaign model for environmental activists
  • Breaking out of the “we need to save the world” fight-or-flight response and instead embodying slowness and abundance to tend to the needs of these urgent times
  • Systemic shifts are solely dependent on internal shifts and relational work as these oppressive, power-over systems have been created, and upheld, by humans
  • Laura’s school for changemakers and activists and what students can expect to learn through the programmes/workshops


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