#54 Non-linear living as multi-passionate beings w/ Dr Egypt Iredia

There is a lot of power that comes from the Universe and a lot of power and support comes when we truly own who we are and our path. When we are fighting against our innate natures, or trying to explain ourselves to other people, it’s that tension that can arise in our lives that can actually stagnate us in doing the things we want to do.

Dr Egypt Iredia

How can re-embodying the philosophy and mindset of multi-passionism aid us to preserve our fluidity, authenticity and dynamism as individuals and the collective? In what ways do these embodiment practices serve us in our collective liberation from radical structuralism and institutionalised restriction of imagination?

Today we are joined by Dr Egypt Iredia, a holistic medical doctor, naturopathic physician, multi-passionate creative, healer, poet, metaphysician, and non-linear creative. She believes that minimalism, slow living, and living a spiritual and intentional life are powerful healing forces. She believes in using all of our wonderful gifts to show up authentically in our lives. Her mission is to empower people to live calmer, connected, healthier, conscious, and creative lives. In this conversation, Agrita and Egypt delve deeper into what it means for them to live multipassionate, non-linear and creatively fluid lives, antidotal to the violence of oppressive systems on the human experience.

What to look out for:

  • Egypt’s standpoint as a multipassionate & her experiences embracing all her passions
  • Delegitimisation of Egypt’s multipassionate approach within the medical profession
  • Specialisation as a modern concept
  • Violence of radical power structures upon the human experiences of non-linear, multipassionate living, and how to regain courage to being true to ourselves
  • The necessity to balance maximalism and minimalism, with the example of online minimalism
  • The connection between movement/fluidity and multipassionism
  • Egypt’s reading of her poem “My Childlike Eyes” and her inspiration for its creation


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