#52 Re-envisioning a free world through alchemy and nomadism w/ Vi Vi Thai

Re-engineering is taking a product apart, studying it and integrating it differently from its original form so it can have a different function, something a bit more useful and powerful. If we think of ourselves as that product, then we can really transform ourselves into a higher being.

Vi Vi Thai

Why is the reintegration of spirituality into scientific theory and practice essential for our collective liberation from social, cultural, political, biological and economic confinements? How can the coming together of spirituality and science help us to collectively rebirth a world which is free from borders between nations, cultures, communities and species?

In this episode, we are joined by Vi Vi Thai, an author, truth seeker and healer, fearlessly determined to live in a liberated way, through the alchemical and nomadic pathway to true freedom. Vi Vi believes that we must rediscover our inner freedom, on an individual scale, to be able to collectively birth a new world which is free from institutional violence of fragmentation and division of a united Earth, within a connected Universe. This conversation offers us the opportunity to explore nuances in our journeys to heal and attain true freedom, in order to open minds and hearts to the limitless ways of becoming your true self, rather than following a “one size fits all” healing approach.

What to look out for:

  • How Vi Vi re-engineered her life to build a stable relationship with herself
  • Vi Vi’s journey to integrating spirituality into science to rediscover herself
  • Acceptance that sensations and emotions are strong enough evidence of the healing powers of spirituality, a stark contrast to her medical career which depended on hard evidence
  • Inabilities of conventional science to explain the mind’s role in feeling emotions, with an in-depth example of pain management and the gaps in understanding
  • Embracing the unknown through quantum physics and energy healing e.g. Reiki
  • The need for us to challenge our skepticism towards philosophy/spirituality in order to open our minds to pathways for healing which may suit our needs
  • The ever expanding cycle of alchemy and how it aligns to spiritual growth
  • How Vi Vi has been able to integrate alchemy and her nomadic lifestyle to revolutionise her healing journey
  • Vi Vi’s vision for a borderless, free world, and how the pandemic has driven her desire for such
  • The need for us to retain individuality in our healing journey whilst still being inspired by the inner healing work of others
  • Urgency in valuing intuition and heart into decision-making and healing work


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