#41 Spiritual animal wisdom with Dr Linda Bender

Our main problem is that we think we are not part of the rest of the functioning, loving, interconnected world. That’s what we need to deal with.

Mind Full of Everything is back from hiatus with this conversation on lessons learned from animal spirituality with Dr Linda Bender, an advocate and educator of animal rights protection and reconnecting conventional science to spiritualism. In this episode, Agrita and Linda discuss prominent issues associated to animal rights violations but also emphasise on the need for humans to reconnect to their spiritual selves in order to begin to value their connections to every being and entity on this planet. By unlearning colonial teachings of human dominion over nature, we can actively relearn indigenous teachings on interconnectivity of all beings to help create a safer space for everyone.

Episode Notes:

  • Linda’s journey of animal advocacy
  • Beginning of commodification of animals and human dominance over other species
  • Importance of reconnecting to spirituality to respect all forms of life
  • Helping communities in developing regions understand need for living in harmony with other species
  • Ease of helping children understand animal rights relative to adults
  • Relearning environmentalism through indigenous knowledge
  • Discussion on the overall negative impact of zoos on animal and children mental health
  • Linda’s pet therapy programme and the benefits of animals in all human-dominated spaces


Linda’s website: https://lindabender.org

Linda’s professional Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lindabenderdvm/

Linda’s book: https://lindabender.org/animal-wisdom

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