#34 Reflection: Reconnecting With Yourself

Mount Titlis, 2018 – a distinct memory of fear and wonder, a moment of feeling overpowered and empowered

Everyone has certain things in their life that excites them to the core, brings incomparable joy and happiness in their life, leaves them with goosebumps from euphoria. But if I was to ask you what that certain thing is, I would be stunned if the answer was “discovering more about myself”.

What if we all felt an adrenaline rush, had goosebumps, felt immense joy every single time we discovered something about ourselves that we didn’t acknowledge or realise before? What if our collective favourite pastime was dedicating a section each day to be in pure solitude, a space just for ourselves? How different would the world be?

Unfortunately, we live in a world that aspires to engage in self-love whilst reprimanding those that put themselves before others. We live in a world that preaches about altruism and activism, whilst expressing little genuine concern to the deterioration of mental health for people across the world. We live in a world where self-help and self-love are terms scattered across our social media feeds yet when it comes to prioritising ourselves, we are left in the dark, to find our own way through.

The way in which we discover ourselves, and reconnect back to ourselves whilst balancing everything else in our lives, is unique to us. No one way is the same, and no one way is better. In fact, the more you practice self-care in the way you are comfortable, the more you will be able to answer the question of “who are you?”

This episode is a very open and honest conversation with myself, which paints a picture of how I practice self-love, the way in which I discovered myself and the way in which I remind myself who I am through an intricate thought process broken down into logical steps. This episode is an open letter to myself, a public note, a permanent reminder, of what it is that really makes me Agrita, for times when nothing feels right and the willpower to recover falls short. It is then that I will come back here to reconnect to the only person that knows me so well, and I hope, with this episode, you find some inspiration to do the same.

Episode Structure:

  • Need to appreciate every achievement, big or small, especially during a pandemic
  • Need for self-discovery to be a key achievement for everyone
  • Breaking down the thought process of better understanding yourself by asking three questions:
  • – Who are you?
  • – What qualities/traits define you?
  • – How do these qualities help you to better understand who you are?
  • – What do these qualities tell you about your purpose?
  • Answering these questions myself to give the listener a better understanding of how I reconnect to myself
  • Ending the episode with emphasis on focusing on understanding yourself over your purpose and a definite answer to the question “who are you?” as it’s the process of self-discovery that uncovers your purpose and who you really are

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