#31 Reflection: Imposter Syndrome and Jealousy

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

I was essentially scared of being happy of my achievements and I just had this feeling that I can’t win anything. I could get close to winning something but I can’t win it because I don’t deserve it.

Many think that imposter syndrome is something that those with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence experience. That is only half of the truth. Imposter syndrome is felt by those that define their success based on other people’s definition of success, whether that’s because you feel that you are worthless or too good for others to surpass you. Both mindsets are highly toxic, very damaging, however we tend to avoid discussing the latter because it’s associated with jealousy, and no one wants to admit they are jealous.

This episode looks at the intersections between imposter syndrome and jealousy and how the constant fear of being overtaken drives many individuals to feel, and a lot of the time act upon, their intense hatred towards others that threaten their happiness/success. All this results in is long-term instability of the mind and large-scale damage to both the jealous person and the person that they felt jealousy towards (which is exactly what I have experienced). Whilst all emotions are valid to feel, jealousy is that one emotion that needs to be urgently transformed, when felt frequently, because it highlights insecurities of an individual that stunts growth and destabilises mental wellbeing.

Episode Structure:

  • importance of accepting negative feelings/energy to maintain long-term positivity
  • obstacles that social media creates from recovering in your own time
  • the need to eradicate jealousy from your life to attain inner peace and self-love
  • my own PTSD of being surrounded by highly jealous and toxic people/environments and why I despise jealous mindsets so much
  • giving my jealousy-void immediate family (and myself) as examples to show that jealousy does not need to be a part of your life
  • my personal experience of imposter syndrome as a result of being in a jealous environment – being forced to believe that my success could only be defined by other people’s success and that I can never attain my personal life goals
  • importance of understanding the difference between imposter syndrome and being upset at not being as successful as your peers (examples of: doing less well in tests than classmates and feeling unsuccessful when comparing myself to other podcasters)
  • the foundation of jealousy being imposter syndrome such as believing you are unable to get to similar heights to others or feeling insecure when seeing others succeed more than yourself
  • the problem of co-dependency to personal growth and mental stability
  • the need to be grateful for what you have and focusing on your own growth and not others

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