Support Bangladeshi Garment Workers

– Empty garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh (SOURCE: CNN)

#PayUp petition:

Donate to Remake:

Resources for ethical fashion:

Some sustainable brands to follow: (Adidas and Pandora have made it on the list!)

For females, check out the most affordable clothing brand I could find and love:

Lost Stock (buy a box of “cancelled” clothes orders to support Bangladeshi workers for a week):

Labour Behind The Label (donate for Bangladeshi workers):



Alongside donations, it is equally important that you boycott companies that have remained silent and failed to respond to the #PayUp campaign (you can find a list of companies that haven’t paid workers below). Limit your purchase of fast fashion items and make clear to these companies on why you are not supporting them. The fast fashion industry is socially and environmentally damaging, unsustainable in all aspects, and so long as you actively contribute to the crisis, you will continue to be a part of the issue until you stand up against these unethical brands.

This call is NOT to demonise or put pressure on those that are unable to afford sustainable clothes often or at all; I urge those that can’t make the shift just yet to not feel demoralised and guilty. This is infact a call to those that are very much able to afford sustainable garments priced similarly to those of unethical brands, those that actively contribute to the fast fashion crisis through “excessive” purchases of fast fashion items. If you are able to “bulk buy” you should be directing your money to sustainable and ethical sources, as well as reducing your consumption of garments. This is a call for the protection of worker rights and the environment!

Brand Tracker for those that have paid workers and those that haven’t (regularly updated):

Listen to the Fast Fashion Crisis episode HERE!