#12 Let’s Talk About Mental Health

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour, and more unashamed conversation.”

– Glenn Close

– Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Unsplash

Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues of our society today, so much so that it has become an epidemic on a global scale, affecting anyone and everyone. However, it continues to remain a taboo topic, one that many still find too uncomfortable to talk about, especially when suffering it yourself. This has only made it worse for those going through mental health issues, resulting in the records of self-harm and suicide to rapidly increase in the past years. 

This episode is not a guide to dealing with mental health problems, but rather a plea for you to understand the importance of removing the stigma around mental health. It’s an urgent appeal for you to listen to others’ pain with an open heart and mind, and to make valuable relationships where you also can freely express your suffering without fearing judgement. It’s time for us to talk about mental health, not to express our discomfort about it but to show our support in ending the suffering arising from lack of conversation.

Mentioned Resources:

NOTE: These are UK-based websites and just a few examples of where you can get more valuable information about mental health issues and treatments (there are many other useful websites). Please do remember however to NOT treat these websites as a way to “self-diagnose”; if you feel things are getting worse for you or a loved one, I highly recommend seeking formal/medical help to better understand your condition.

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