#7 The Social Injustice Of Climate Change (pt 4)

“If governments, industries and organisations really cared about the planet, they would make sure that vehicles that didn’t abide to their standards, wouldn’t be sent to places like Africa, so they can suffer and those big companies can gain profit.”

– Agrita (from pt 4.2)

– Photo by Will Esayenko on Unsplash

NOTE: listen to parts 1-3.2 before listening to these episodes as all are part of the climate change series.

Ever since we have realised we are in a climate crisis, we have always seen it as an environmental issue, affecting the abiotic aspect of the Earth. We have never accepted it as a social issue, one that is affecting the most vulnerable of society: the developing world.

What we fail to understand is that we all are part of the environment, the life on Earth, and that climate change will affect every organism on this planet, plants and humans alike. We all need to stop treating the climate crisis as an issue just for the environment, and start seeing it as a social crisis, affecting all parts of humanity, especially the poor.

Listen to my FINAL episode (split into pt 4.1 and 4.2) of this “climate change should be our priority” series, to understand why exactly the climate and ecological crisis is raising ethical and social issues amongst the vulnerable and “powerless’.

What is covered in this episode:

Pt 4.1:

  • Discussion on the disproportionate contributions of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world
  • Thorough insight in the different sections of society being most impacted by climate change impacts, starting by looking at impacts on fishing communities
  • Starting of by looking at the problem of the African Anthropocene

Pt 4.2:

  • Continuing to look at the problems of the African Anthropocene, and the harmful effects of our image of “rural Africa”
  • Explanation of the worsening of female inequality in developing areas due to climate change events
  • Issues experienced by the poor of developed countries due to climate change
  • Impacts of climate change on mental health, both in the developing and developed worlds

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