#5 BONUS: Earth’s Lungs Are Being Burned

“The Amazon is not able to resist fires, neither are it’s organisms, it’s plants, it’s animals. There are not adapted to fires, they don’t know how to react to fires because fires aren’t supposed to be happening there, naturally.”

– Agrita Dandriyal (directly from ep)

– Image from The Guardian

A few weeks ago the world went crazy over the burning of the Amazon. Now, it’s like the world has moved on, yet the Amazon is still burning, still ablaze whilst global media coverage has dropped to near zero.

Not only is that worrying, but many people believe these fires must be natural, or caused by climate change, so should be controllable. These could be true in other cases, but the fundamental truth is, the Amazon is being burned, burned by us humans, more than 60% than the same time last year. Yet Brazil’s government keeps encouraging this intensive burning, for the “benefit” of Brazil’s economy. Yet again, profit has been prioritised over the health and security of people, and the planet.

Listen to this bonus episode to understand the truth behind the Amazon burning and what you can do to help stop it. Because you have the power to help save planet Earth.

What I will cover in this episode:

  • The truth about the reason the Amazon isn’t burning but is being burned
  • The benefits of wildfires and the risks of suppressing natural fires
  • Explanation of the unnatural element to the Amazon fires
  • The detrimental impact of soaring demand of Amazonian resources on the Amazon
  • What you can do to stop the widespread and intense burning caused by humans

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