#3 Air Pollution and Climate Change (pt 2.1)

There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all.

– Robert Orben
~ Photo by Thijs Stoop on Unsplash

NOTE: please listen to my previous episode, Climate Change Should Be Our Priority, before listening to this one as both are part of a series.

Whenever we mention climate change, air pollution is almost instantly discussed about. We constantly are worrying about our carbon dioxide emissions, but is it really the worst greenhouse gas out there?

We all know about the large emissions land transport release, and we can easily avoid this by cycling or walking but what about planes? Aircraft is essential for connecting the world but how damaging is it for the environment and can we really reduce our emissions whilst still using them?

Listen to my episode, Air Pollution and Climate Change (pt. 2.1), which discusses the first reason why I believe climate change should be our priority: addressing climate change will tackle our issue of pollution which affects all of society and contributes to climate change.

What I will cover in this episode:

  • Discussion of carbon dioxide’s potency
  • Run-through of ways you can reduce your own carbon emissions
  • Brief insight to methane emission reduction solutions
  • Thorough discussion on airplane emissions and what you can do to reduce your flight emissions

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