#1: Neither Introvert Nor Extravert

there is peaceful, there is wild, I am both at the same time

– Nayyirah Waheed

– Photo by Cristina Cerda on Unsplash

We all are aware of the two famous Jungian personality types: introvert and extravert. When talking about personalities, we usually consider ourselves either or. But what if , like me, you feel like you’re neither one?

Listen to my very first episode of Mind Full of Everything, Neither Introvert nor Extravert , to find out about what it’s like to be an ambivert, the supposed “middle point” of the two personalities. From scenarios/examples and personal experiences to scientific reasoning of why we have a range of personalities, I go into depth about ambiversion and the importance of accepting who we are as people.

What I will cover in the episode:

  • Definition of ambiverts and it’s relation to introversion and extraversion
  • Scenarios that you can use to understand or identify yourself as an ambivert
  • Personal experiences of how I got to identify myself as an ambivert
  • Scientific reasoning behind personalities

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