#2: Climate Change Should Be Our Priority (pt 1)

We are all on planet Earth, so we need to care about how our actions will impact not only our today but also our tomorrow.

– Agrita Dandriyal (from episode)

– Photo by Bob Blob on Unsplash

It’s near impossible to not hear the term “climate change” in our daily lives. Wherever we are, we will most likely see a climate change campaign or alerts popping up in our social media or on the news. But why are we still so slow to react to it? That should be the question, but it often isn’t.

I believe that climate change should be every country’s top priority when it comes to global, regional and local matters. Many people will say that there are other more important issues to worry about in society, so I hope to change that view through a series of episodes explaining just why climate change should be everyone’s priority.

This episode is an introduction to the series I will release in the future, where I briefly discuss the three main reasons/ areas of climate change that makes it the priority of today’s society.

What I will cover in the episode:

  • Short introduction about current climate change terminology
  • Brief summary of the three reasons I believe climate change should be our priority
    • 1. Prioritising climate change will tackle the issue of pollution, which affects all parts of society.
    • 2. Focusing on climate change will help improve agricultural practices, which society depends on to survive but is impacting the climate dramatically.
    • 3. Climate change is no longer just an environmental issue, but also a societal issue that is mostly impacting less developed regions.

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